Avoid Setbacks with Medical Weight Loss

Avoid Setbacks with Medical Weight Loss


When you think about your medical weight loss program it’s important that you view your process of losing weight as a journey. Though you’re not physically leaving the confines of the city where you live, your weight loss efforts will be a mental transition, as much as a physical one. Like with any journey, whether it involves relationships, education or travel, you’re bound to encounter a few potholes or “pitfalls” along the way.

Some people will allow these setbacks, pitfalls or plateaus to derail their efforts towards their weight loss goals. You are able to overcome any and all setbacks with the right mindset to remain on track with your weight loss journey. By making a few mental and physical changes during you weight loss program, you can remain on course with your weight loss and wellness goals.

During your medical weight loss program, there are some things to keep in mind:

On Time, Not Record Time

You want to ensure that you are entering any weight loss program with realistic expectations in mind. Start with a goal weight in mind and then work with your doctor to determine an appropriate expectation from your program.

Sometimes, it may be hard to let go of unrealistic expectations. Maybe, despite your doctor’s advice you still expect to lose a lot of weight rapidly.

It’s healthier and safer to lose weight with medical weight loss at an average rate than at lightning speed. Studies show that people who experience rapid weight loss are more likely to regain weight in the long run. Understand that your program is meant to help you lose weight, but not overnight. Have patience with your program and you’ll soon realize the results were worth the wait.

Not All Patients Lose Weight Equally

As you continue forward with your weight loss efforts and healthy new lifestyle, know that your personal weight loss journey will differ from others. While one person may lose weight in a certain amount of time, you may lose weight at a slightly slower rate. And that’s okay.

Each struggle with weight and road to weight loss and wellness is different. Try not to compare yourself with other medical weight loss patients and focus on your personal experience to remain on track with your goals.

Expect Some Potholes

Not everyone is perfect, so you can’t expect your efforts for weight loss to be entirely flawless. You very well may encounter a few potholes along the way. No matter what the case, there’s always room to undo what you have done.

Each day is a new day to make up for a previous weight loss pitfall, but it’s up to you to honor your mistake and work twice as hard to correct it.

Weight Loss Will Vary

Weight loss not only varies day to day, it varies week to week and month to month. With this in mind, you must know that measuring your weight loss too frequently can lead to possible discouragement. Depending on how closely you stick to your weight loss doctors guidelines, your weight loss results are bound to vary.

Weighing yourself on the scale every five days may not be the best idea for some patients. A more accurate gauge of weight loss success may be for you to measure yourself every two weeks or so. Talk with your weight loss doctor about an appropriate timeline for weighing your weight loss results.

These are only a few potential roadblocks you may encounter along your personal weight loss journey. No matter what the case, you can find an alternate route. If you’re having trouble with any aspect of your medical weight loss progress, don’t hesitate to speak with your medical weight loss doctor.

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