Flu Shots less Effective for Severely Overweight Individuals

Flu Shots less Effective for Severely Overweight Individuals


One of the best ways to reduce the chances that you will get the flu this season is to see your doctor for a flu shot. But that may not be true for everyone, as a new study suggests that flu shots have less of a preventive effect on people who are very overweight.

The study suggests that people who want to avoid the flu and who are overweight would do well to consider using dieting, exercise and weight loss centers to help them lose weight. Following a weight loss program, such as one that features meal replacements in Naperville may help you lose weight and improve your immune health, ultimately helping you to avoid the flu altogether this winter.

Obesity and Flu Shots

The International Journal of Obesity has published a recent report stating that those who are overweight to the point of obesity are more likely to get the flu despite getting a flu shot. Not only that, but when obese people get the flu it also strikes more severely and they recover more slowly.

The way a vaccine works is by triggering the production of anti-bodies which can then work to fight off the disease. In this study it was discovered that anti-body levels in obese people decreased four times faster than in those with a healthy weight. That means the effectiveness of the vaccine faded four times faster.

Some doctors have suggested that those who are overweight might counteract the effects of their obesity by getting two flu shots per year instead of the usually recommended one shot per year.

The only long term way to solve ineffectiveness of the flu vaccine caused by obesity is to lose weight.

So while the short term answer may be two shots per year, the long term solution is the use of exercise, dieting and weight loss centers to lose weight.

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