Food Journals for Weight Loss

Food Journals for Weight Loss


It may seem like a strange concept, but journaling can actually enhance your weight loss efforts. Take time and think about when you eat. Sure, you may be making healthier choices during your weight loss program, but are you really paying attention to what and how much you are eating? Chances are, probably not, especially when it comes to snacks or food you grab on the go. Journaling what you are eating, how you were feeling when you were eating it and how much exercise you’re getting will help you to fully realize what you are putting into your body and how it will affect your weight loss progress.

The Benefits of Keeping a Journal during Weight Loss

  • You see how many calories you are actually consuming. Sometimes, we aren’t aware of how many calories we eat in a day. When you think back on it, it may seem like your low calorie snack and nutritious dinner were smart choices, but what about the little things you let slide by? Those add up too.
  • It will limit excessive snacking and extra bites in between meals. A handful of small chocolates or a few bites of someone else’s dish seems harmless, but these can add unnecessary calories. If you’re journaling, you will become more aware of these often mindless habits and be able to control them more efficiently.
  • You’ll see what’s really in your diet. Sometimes we think we are eating better than we actually are. You may think you are eating vegetables and fresh fruits 4-5 times a week, but after documenting it, the numbers may be a lot smaller.
  • You will better understand why you eat. In your food journal you want to include how you felt when you were eating. You may have been bored, stressed or sad. If you notice that you are eating for any reason other than hunger, you can eliminate these habits.

Gaining control of eating during weight loss can sometimes be challenging. Journaling is a great way to become more aware of your eating patterns and habits. This can help you lose more weight and keep you on track with all of your weight loss and lifestyle goals.

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