Insurance is designed to cover most costs, but not all costs, related to your visits. Some costs that are not covered include deductibles and copay.

Office visits, blood tests and EKGs are usually items that most insurance companies cover.

Optifast or meal replacements may also be a covered benefit by your insurance.

The only way to be certain of the coverage and amount of your benefits is to submit the claim and check the explanation of benefits or “EOB” the insurance company sends to the patient.

Another way of paying for the care given is to use medical savings account or a flex account that your employer may offer.

Some of the cost related to your visit may also be tax deductible. Please see your tax advisor for details and qualifications.

We will assist you in filing with your insurance company and obtaining your maximum benefits. If you have further questions please talk to one of our billing experts while you are at our office.

Each Thinfast MD location may be individually operated and may have different “In-network” insurances contracted.

Some of our locations may offer an internet based video conference or “tele medicine” office visit. Though is very convenient for most patients, it may be a challenge getting insurance coverage for this type of visit.

Please ask one of our staff members to assist you.