The Warrior Workout

The Warrior Workout


Think you have what it takes to go Gladiator? Just when we thought that barefoot running and the trendy Paleo diet were all the back-in-time fitness fads one year could handle, gladiator fitness has taken to the scene and it has fitness gurus, celebrities and those simply trying to shed a few pounds fighting up a sweat.

Sticking to a traditional workout plan is tough for a lot of people during medical weight loss. The monotony of going to the gym and doing the same thing over and over again prompts many people to lose interest in the program. By mixing up your workout with interesting, new routines you can stay active, get fit and have fun while losing weight.

Work Out like a Gladiator

Gladiator fitness is based on the ancient Roman gladiator fighting style. Participants dress in tunics, funky sandals and eccentric head gear as they lift and learn to handle heavy weaponry, including a sword and shield. Once they are in the traditional garb, the participants are instructed in how to fight like a gladiator. They learn proper footwork and how to handle their sword during a fight, with constant arm movements and thrusts of the weaponry at an opponent.

Don’t worry—the swords are not entirely authentic. While they are heavy and shaped to match any Spartacus-inspired tale, the weapons are blunted and a bit safer to handle than a traditional sword would be. In addition to the swords, which are appropriately referred to as the Gladius, the up and coming gladiators learn to use a trident—yes, the three-pronged spear Neptune himself held onto.

Gladiators-to-be learn how to attack and defend themselves using the heavy weaponry and how to move around with the heavy equipment. When all is said and done, the gladiator fighting experience offers:

  • An intense full body workout
  • Cardio activity with strength training
  • A fun and innovative workout

It doesn’t feel like a traditional workout because you aren’t at the gym lifting weights and running on a treadmill, which gives a lot of people the motivation to keep at it.

Sword Fighting Exercises

Gladiator workouts are gaining popularity, and with Hollywood stars jumping on it quick it won’t be long before gladiator-inspired workouts hit an area near you. There is no reason to wait for that to happen though. There are a few other combat-inspired workouts that can help get you in shape and make you feel like a warrior.

  • Medieval Sword fighting. These workout classes work to teach you strength and agility. You receive a great cardio workout while also exercising your brain for strategy and swiftness while working with an opponent.
  • Jungshin Sword fighting. This is a full body workout that incorporates the high-energy moves of kickboxing and the meditation and focus of yoga with sword fighting.

If you are looking for a creative workout then perhaps you are brave enough to take a stab at sword fighting. Keep in mind, that these warrior workouts are higher intensity exercises. Talk to your weight loos doctor before jumping into any difficult routines.

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