Weight Management after Weight Loss

Weight Management after Weight Loss


For many people, achieving a goal weight is only half of the weight loss battle. Avoiding setbacks and weight regain can be just as much of a struggle as actually losing the weight. Maintaining your weight loss requires the same level of commitment it took to lose weight, and you have to stay dedicated to keeping up with most of your newly developed habits.

Avoiding Regain after Weight Loss

Some helpful tips to keep that excess weight off for good are:

  • Keep a food diary. Keeping a log of what you are eating will help keep you on track with making healthy food choices even after you’ve reached your initial weight loss goal. You can use your diary to avoid any excessive bingeing or snacking that may seem harmless at first, but could actually add up in the long run.
  • Watch your portion sizes. Even if you are making smart choices when it comes to your food, you still want to watch your portion sizes. Large serving sizes can lead to excess calories and overeating.
  • Weigh yourself regularly. Don’t become obsessed with the scale! But, it is important to continue to monitor your weight. Remember that weight is lost and gained slowly and you may not notice the subtle changes. Weighing yourself regularly allows you to spot up-trends quickly and make the appropriate corrections.
  • Keep exercising. Experts agree that exercise is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy weight. You’ll keep your metabolism burning and hang on to the lean muscle you’ve gained while you were losing weight. You may be tempted to skip the workouts when you’re not working towards a goal, but regular physical activity needs to be part of your everyday lifestyle if you’re going to maintain a healthy weight and body.
  • Don’t skip meals. When you stop paying close attention to what you’re eating, you may be tempted to slip back into old habits, like working through lunch or skipping breakfast. Continue to eat regular meals at about the same time every day to prevent a slowdown in your metabolism, which can cause a regain.

It can be tempting to give yourself a break after you’ve worked so hard to lose weight. Consider rewarding yourself with a special trip or purchase instead of diving into the junk food you’ve been staying away from. Remember that the longer you continue to practice your healthy habits, the easier it will be for you to keep your weight off in the long term.

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